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Hattie’s research: Is wrong Part 5 – this should clinch it

At some time in the future, Hattie’s research and his opinions will be revealed for what they are: a huge charade. But you don’t need to wait – all you need to do is read the postings in the Hattie … Continue reading

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Hattie warms up Visible Learning for Pearson; also Hattie and Pasi Sahlberg on YouTube

Hattie’s research is rubbish. For him, the beauty of it being rubbish is that it allows him to say it says whatever he likes. In his latest trick he has produced a new book called The Politics of Distraction: What … Continue reading

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John Gerritsen: War correspondent for the Times

John Gerritsen: War correspondent for the Times,  Russell: New Zealand July 1845 Confidential document on New Zealand Wars Documents from the Colonial Office have come to hand detailing a battle fought recently between Lieutenant Colonel Despard leading the 58th and … Continue reading

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Mathematics: here is the answer

Instead of giving credibility to the shabby NZ Initiative report on mathematics by criticising it and similarly the shabby Hekia Parata decision to sponsor it (all designed to shore up the failing IES project and the anti-democratic EDUCANZ one), this … Continue reading

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Professor Ivan Snook comments on Primary School Diaries 5

Every primary principal should read, and encourage their teachers to read, the latest of Kelvin Smythe’s Primary School Diaries, edited by Allan Alach. It begins by exposing the cunning publicity surrounding Tomorrows Schools, (‘It’s time you knew what is going … Continue reading

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Why are the writers of review office indicators so angry?

The riddle referred to in the introduction is that the main ideas, some of the main lines. and some of the metaphors (for instance, the looking-glass) come from A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. It is a feminist book; it … Continue reading

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Trust your primary teacher organisations – they have demonstrated they are worthy of it

These are difficult times for me. I know people in education, even ones who support the philosophy I advocate, find me increasingly uncomfortable. Yes – I feel pretty lonely, but I continue, because I genuinely feel it is useful I … Continue reading

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