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Hattie’s research: Is wrong Part 3 – meta-meta analysis a monster

Dear John oh it is my fate to write Dear John I must let you know tonight That patience with your research has died like grass upon the lawn I tried to let it go but my conscience was stirred … Continue reading

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A majority of one

Tomorrow at 10am (Friday 1 April – no this isn’t an April Fool), with my nine-year-old granddaughter, I will be standing on the corner of Portage Road and Kinross Street, opposite Titirangi Golf Course, to honour my aunty Sister Rene … Continue reading

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Hattie’s research: Is wrong Part 2

This posting is the second in the series about the Hattie’s research being wrong. But how to get at that research? Hattie’s claims for it are so gigantic and, I believe, so wrong as to represent a wrongness so overwhelming … Continue reading

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Hattie’s research (egregious errors): Is wrong Part 1

The egregious errors that beset John Hattie’s research are so pervasive as to prove difficult to encompass and thus lay bare – but various insights local and international are at last coming together to achieve just that. This posting argues … Continue reading

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What the media refuse to acknowledge about the scandal that is NCEA

With internal NCEA, virtually any child who manages to turn up with some regularity and display a modicum of interest will get through. The education system and secondary schools are gaining recognition on the degree of gall they are willing … Continue reading

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Ministry leak tells me Redcliffs backdown in the offing

My main ministry source tells me there seems to be movement suggesting a backdown on Redcliffs School. A few weeks ago, pre-Northland, I saw Parata in the House and there she was doing her well-practised closure dance. No decision, no … Continue reading

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