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Terrific media releases: one from a teacher organisation, another from a political party

We have now had 26 years of Tomorrow’s Schools and in all that time, leaving aside national standards, no political party or teacher organisation has advocated a fundamental structural change; that is, one with implications for the philosophy of that … Continue reading

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In which Pooh looks for a 21st Century Education Part 2

In Part 1, Piglet and Pooh wondered about something called a 21st Century Education; Pooh said he’d found it but, in being asked what it was like, ignored the question, evincing more interest in the honey pot his head was … Continue reading

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If Chris Hipkins can’t do it give it to Kelvin Davis Part 2

In many respects Kelvin Davis is more conservative than Chris Hipkins but Kelvin Davis listens and that is all we are asking. [I want to make it clear these postings are entirely my initiative. If Kelvin asked me to stop … Continue reading

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John Hattie: your research is now a con

In this article I am going to place considerable demands on Simon Collins’ flexibility of thinking, on his ability to imagine the unimaginable, his willingness to recognise a wrong universally accepted right by the media as an incontrovertible right, and … Continue reading

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Attack! 86 Principals: a programme for you to introduce just to establish there is another way

Welcome to ATTACK!  ATTACK! is a two-page occasional publication giving attention to the curriculum – the holistic curriculum. ATTACK! is for you, also to introduce to your colleagues. Each issue will be restricted to two pages. A cover graphic for a file or … Continue reading

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Children of the poor: Bitter and cynical strategy on education and poverty

John Key: ‘We can count rodents easily – neglected, abused or sick children living in cold, damp houses not so much.’ Stuff, 3 October, 2016. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/84914813/prime-minister-john-key-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-child-poverty-debate Children of the poor: Bitter and cynical strategy on education and poverty Whenever the prime … Continue reading

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In 2008 an ironic quest for Trevor to be our Moses – in 2016 that posting just slightly adjusted

Trevor: as a Moses for the primary school education system, you failed us Dear Trevor: [Based on a posting I wrote to Trevor nearly a decade ago.] Best wishes for your aspirations to be a speaker; you will make a … Continue reading

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