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If Robertson can’t win the full leadership process – what chance electorally?

My dream choice for leader and deputy There are times when I think of an idea for a posting and I say to myself: Let the dust settle a bit. And after it has, I think: Thank goodness I did. … Continue reading

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Labour got the campaign horribly wrong

The implications for education of the resounding National Party victory are profound, but more on that in later postings. Labour got the campaign horribly wrong – yes, David Cunliffe was not the one for the job, but above everything, was … Continue reading

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How corrupted is our education system?

South Island Association Intermediate and Middle Schools Annual Principals’ Conference Wednesday, 24 March, 2010 [My purpose in re-publishing part of this address from 2010 is to provide a narrative and sense of continuity from over four years ago to a … Continue reading

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Don’t use Comment section of this site while the National government is in power

To qualify that heading, I suggest that if you have something critical to say about the government you don’t, without careful thought, use the Comment section of websites, the same if you intend to approve something critical someone else has … Continue reading

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Dirty politics and the minister’s office: How it works

In 2011, Anne Tolley moved to introduce legislation to take away the right of principals to speak out on education matters, but suddenly withdrew her action. Obviously, another plan had been hatched. We waited. Many of us watched Slater’s website. … Continue reading

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IES, lifting school achievement, and Rousseau

How to lift school achievement is really quite easy, the example is already there – all it needs is more vigorous pursuit. That example is: Base programmes on internal assessment, set targets linked to punishment and rewards, loosen moderation or, … Continue reading

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PPTA revolt occurring

Just as primary had a teacher organisation that headed rogue but was pulled back, secondary has one too, the PPTA executive, but not yet reined in. However, great news – from information just to hand, the PPTA is about to … Continue reading

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An eclectic: 2008 prediction; unprincipled opportunists; Waihi, our future?

This posting has limited purpose and scope: A 2008 prediction of education under National – read and weep. The PPTA executive – a bunch of unprincipled secondary opportunists and the fallout. A glimpse of our future through the IES trial … Continue reading

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The ministry of education and Whale Oil: an introduction

On page 43 of Dirty Politics is a potent paragraph: ‘Other minister’s offices began feeding information to Slater, such as Gillon Carruthers, press secretary for Education Minister Anne Tolley. ”I got those stats out of Tolley’s office, seems Gillon has … Continue reading

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