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Some terrible things have been perpetrated: Aussie version of a Kiwi posting

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Subject: Fw: Treehorn Express: Kelvin Smythe “Some terrible things have been perpetrated – close to evil.” Kelvin: I hope you approve of this final draft. Allan: I plan to … Continue reading

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Dear teachers and principals of New Zealand: Ivan Snook speaks

Ivan is an academic hero from the fight against Tomorrow’s Schools. At the time it seemed as there was Ivan and five or six other Massey academics, two from Victoria – and me from schools, carrying that fight. This is … Continue reading

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False e-mail sent to website – IP tracked back to US Navy Virginia

That false e-mail, of course, wasn’t sent by the US Navy, it was sent by someone who had attempted to embarrass a principal. This was the report from a forensic computer analyst: – – – OrgName:        Navy … Continue reading

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NZPF: It’s like watching an organisation in the midst of a breakdown

The latest flyer from NZPF is like watching an organisation in the midst of a breakdown. There is the most curdled of introductions followed by a Monty Python survey. One hopes that something as important as this survey was developed … Continue reading

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A board and a cluster: share this inspiring account with your board of trustees

Boards of trustees have been starved of information about IES; one of the main reasons for this is because the government and STA know that many boards of trustees will be taken aback by the disruptive implications for schools. Also … Continue reading

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The fault in our STAs

Is there a more derided organisation in primary education than STA? It has a huge staff and miniscule positive reputation. STA seems to function in a parallel universe – and when occasionally the two, unaccountably, cross lines, it only serves … Continue reading

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The truth about Novopay

Because my attention is on the betrayal of school education by the PPTA and the continuing sneaky efforts by NZPF to manoeuvre the primary schools into that IES maw – I’m not going to spin this posting out. Anyway, the … Continue reading

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