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Hekia Parata: her collapse – her beginning and end

In my early predictions for National and education following the 2008 elections, in the postings ‘Smoke and mirrors’, I said that education would be raided for funding as National in government is always intent on saving money from education to … Continue reading

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I went to a wonderful course on future-focused schools

The brochure promised us a quick romp into the world of exponential technologies and the global changing landscape, also a mix of deep dives and interaction with peers. And there was to be a lot of wisdom: Passion must be … Continue reading

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Kerr off leash no longer barking mad

The New Zealand School Trustees’ M-16-8 has completed a wondrous turnaround. The challenge for the presidency from Richard Green has contributed, but the main reason is that Hekia Parata, while still a conservative educationist has, with her resignation, signalled disillusionment … Continue reading

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Hekia resigned on principle

The previous posting about Hekia’s resignation has soared to over 2000 readers and is still climbing. I am heading to Whangarei in a few hours to spend the weekend with my northern grandchildren but wanted to keep you in touch … Continue reading

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Hekia drew a line

The big shake-up in education has resulted in a big shakeup for Hekia Parata. She drew a line and refused to proceed in the manner set by John Key, Bill English, and Stephen Joyce. These three will be the drivers … Continue reading

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Hekia Parata – Worst minister of education ever and utu

I have a long memory:  the cartoon above is utu.  Hekia Parata has, like a long line in politics and media, destroyed our past to put the boot into the present to control the future. May she go to Foreign Affairs … Continue reading

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After all, who am I talking to who can do anything?

Reflecting on the children of the poor posting I realised it was pretty good; might even be the best I’ve written. In my younger days I would have polished off something of that length by lunch, this posting took … Continue reading

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