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Hattie makes his move in on early childhood: Key set to act in tandem

It was something Hattie says early on in the Listener article that delivered a sharp stab of déjà vu. I recognised with a shudder his old dodge, as leading government ideologist, of delivering with wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing oleaginous concern, a threat that … Continue reading

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NZPF exposed as a rogue organisation: the moment

Principals’ views of the government’s cluster policy have been relentlessly manipulated by the NZPF leadership. Within that manipulation, one moment can be isolated when the NZPF becomes clearly exposed as a rogue organisation. The NZPF does, indeed, acknowledge members’ concerns … Continue reading

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Is your principal a strangelover?

Is your principal a strangelover? Is strangeloving most principals? Of course not. Is it a significant number? No. An influential number – yes – and I’m sorry to say, providing a model for principals coming through the ranks. Has your … Continue reading

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I always knew this day was coming.

I always knew this day was coming. Readers may have read my most recent posting which — after a brief introductory account of personal experiences leading up to Tomorrow ’s Schools culminating in a decision to leave the formal education … Continue reading

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We are being betrayed by the PPTA

Dear reader History repeats itself. Tomorrow’s Schools were about primary schools; secondary schools were left virtually untouched. The current PPTA leader says: We have to look after our members; follow the members’ wishes. But I think dear leader they are … Continue reading

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Ernie Buutveld delivers: when a person of Ernie’s stature does this, we should all listen intently

On Wednesday my computer went down (no not Whale Oil, it is at least 17 years old), then my website. The computer issue was handed over to DoubleClick, and developing a new website to Allan. I took the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Who can teachers rely on?

By Kelvin Smythe  It was 1990: an article from the first edition of Developmental Network Newsletter – a memo to myself I stood outside the departmental offices in the Hamilton Education Board, barred from returning, apparently to protect the supplies … Continue reading

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