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Here I stand Part 3: By a series of circumstances, the truth of education in a democracy was struck

The File and this writing is predicated on the main aim for school education in a democracy being to prepare children for life in a democracy and to support and protect it. What else could the main aim for school … Continue reading

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Here I stand Part 2: Labour as part of the establishment won’t tolerate any diminution of establishment power

What goes around with hierarchical education comes around. Two or three years before the implementation of Tomorrow’s Schools I was given a lift in a taxi from Wellington Airport by Noel Scott, Labour mp, former district senior inspector of secondary … Continue reading

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Here I stand Part 1: Teacher knowledge must be up there with all knowledge

Primary school education is about the curriculum, the real curriculum, developed in New Zealand in the 1940s, based on the interaction of the affective and cognitive, and evolved from teacher knowledge in shared process (see variously below, especially Part 3), … Continue reading

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I am not sitting on my hands: the cabinet paper is not enough

On balance, the paper by the minister of education to the cabinet removing national standards is useful, but not sufficiently so to make definitive philosophical change in the way National always does, and Labour has done twice, once with Peter … Continue reading

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Here we go on phonics again

Ros Lugg managing director of The Learning Staircase uses the PIRLS result, no doubt in a way that will feel utterly sincere to her, to stir up support for her highly structured and commercialised phonics programme, blaming teacher training for … Continue reading

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A quiet pre-Christmas warning: We are in trouble

In 1988 I wrote a three-part series in which I predicted why primary school education was heading for trouble (which is about to be re-published); to live that warning, in 1990, I resigned at 51 years as senior inspector of … Continue reading

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A schoolwide science experience

I demanded of Shay Noonan, principal of Morrinsville School, that he write up one of his schoolwide science experiences as I knew they exemplified in practice the main elements of the holistic. The schoolwide science experiences, along with other kinds … Continue reading

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