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I am asking you to stand by me on this one: The File

Dear reader The File, my final publication, is now available for purchase. It is a publication that, with care, can provide a lift to the primary education system and a surer sense of direction. Not because of what I have … Continue reading

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Chris Hipkins is Peter Fraser to our time, Iona Holsted and Katrina Casey are our Clarence Beeby (can you hear the gods laughing?)

This posting starts off in one direction, only to head in, perhaps lurch to might be more accurate, another. But it is held together (hopefully) by my judgement that Chris Hipkins lacks depth of feeling veering to milksop, and my … Continue reading

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What I wrote last year about CoLs and salaries, don’t say I didn’t warn you (written some months ago)

(And just for your edification NZEI’s media yesterday’s release (17.05.18).) Get this straight: if National is returned, paying for the clusters will just about be it, and National will have another term saying clusters will solve everything (another three years … Continue reading

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My four changes to fix a broken primary school education system: you will only guess one of them

The primary school education system is broken – if change isn’t fundamental, it will be yet another betrayal of teachers and children. At the top we have Chris Hipkins. I have stopped issuing dire warnings about him because I recognise … Continue reading

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