I am asking you to stand by me on this one: The File

Dear reader

The File, my final publication, is now available for purchase.

It is a publication that, with care, can provide a lift to the primary education system and a surer sense of direction. Not because of what I have done on my own, but from the voices I have listened to over the years, and the voices recorded in the writing.

The answers to our system and curriculum problems lie in the book.

It is also a book that provides perspective and a sense of history.

The book is a beautiful object put together with love and care.

Because my heart lies in getting the book out to readers, it is being sold well below cost of production and postage, even more discounted for students and beginning teachers.

Please excuse me for being direct but I’m relying on all those who have been readers of mine over the years, who have agonised with me when things have gone wrong in education, and celebrated when things have taken a turn for the better – to buy The File and, if you are a principal, buy The File for your beginning teachers or senior teachers.

I’m asking you to stand by me on this one and, if The File impresses, to encourage others to purchase it as well.

The cost of The File is $50.00 which includes regular updates; and $30.00 for students and beginning teachers.

For further information or if you want to discuss a deal, my phone number is 027 2409092.

My email is kelvin.smythe@mail.com

Very best wishes