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A quiet pre-Christmas warning: We are in trouble

In 1988 I wrote a three-part series in which I predicted why primary school education was heading for trouble (which is about to be re-published); to live that warning, in 1990, I resigned at 51 years as senior inspector of … Continue reading

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What has apparently happened at Wairoa College (and the like at other schools) should never happen again

Part 1 I am calling for a parliamentary committee of inquiry to investigate what followed Chris Allen’s appointment as principal to Wairoa College in June, 2015, and alleged subsequent actions and behaviour towards him. Chris Allen has now left New … Continue reading

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The government dismantling of public education: and reflections on resistance

[Dedicated to Ivan Snook, my mentor, friend, and inspiration.] This posting explores public education being in serious difficulty – largely because the government is intent on dismantling it. But was where we are inevitable? And a personal philosophy of resistance … Continue reading

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A heartfelt plea from one of New Zealand’s great principals

Thursday 13th April 2017 Kia ora Former Minister of Education Parata Happy Retirement I would like to wish you well for your remaining months in parliament and on into your next phase of your life. As a principal of a … Continue reading

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If Chris Hipkins can’t do it give it to Kelvin Davis Part 1

If you scanned through what follows, you might ask, what has this to do with Chris Hipkins and Kelvin Davis? Well, recently in the Herald (April 13, 2017) there was a gushing article about how wonderful Hekia Parata had been … Continue reading

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Here we go again: another intervention injustice

I have substantial amounts of information about goings-on at Wairoa College, some of it scandalous, but that can be looked into by the ministerial inquiry I’m calling for, I just want concentrate here on the bureaucratic behaviour around the appointment … Continue reading

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Peggy’s last post and Kafka: Rangiora commissioner outrage continues

Peggy’s last post: I have decided this will be my last Facebook post about the ERA Settlement that as yet has not been paid to me by Mrs Moore.  I have, for the past two years endured bullying, loss, humiliation, … Continue reading

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