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If Chris Hipkins can’t do it give it to Kelvin Davis Part 1

If you scanned through what follows, you might ask, what has this to do with Chris Hipkins and Kelvin Davis? Well, recently in the Herald (April 13, 2017) there was a gushing article about how wonderful Hekia Parata had been … Continue reading

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Here we go again: another intervention injustice

I have substantial amounts of information about goings-on at Wairoa College, some of it scandalous, but that can be looked into by the ministerial inquiry I’m calling for, I just want concentrate here on the bureaucratic behaviour around the appointment … Continue reading

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Peggy’s last post and Kafka: Rangiora commissioner outrage continues

Peggy’s last post: I have decided this will be my last Facebook post about the ERA Settlement that as yet has not been paid to me by Mrs Moore.  I have, for the past two years endured bullying, loss, humiliation, … Continue reading

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Rangiora High School: attempts to discredit Authority decision: explosive staff meeting: why Hekia resigned: $m of blood money found

This posting begins quietly, setting the scene, one in which a principal and a board are unjustifiably dismissed on the basis of a secret report. In the process, I believe the commissioner compromised the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) which partly … Continue reading

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Parents, teachers, and community of Rangiora High school get a load of this

Parents, teachers, and community of Rangiora High school get a load of this: I want to put first the latest in the series of vicious ministry-commissioner actions against Peggy Burrows The commissioner has put the ERA decision on the school … Continue reading

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Sir Patricio Grinch, Wekiu Tomata, Weary Gardener, and Tugger, the then PM

I think that one of the problems we have with the education galumphs who have proselytised Tomorrow’s Schools and its anti-democratic philosophy is that because of the damage it has wrought on the fabric of New Zealand society especially the … Continue reading

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Attack! 97 She’s resigned: looking back with despair

Welcome to ATTACK!  ATTACK! is a two-page occasional publication giving attention to the curriculum – the holistic curriculum. ATTACK! is for you, also to introduce to your colleagues. Each issue will be restricted to two pages. A cover graphic for a file or … Continue reading

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