Labour’s education dunce strikes again

When is Jacinda going to save children and teachers a lot of hurt and Labour a lot of embarrassment and take education away from its current resident education dunce?

The situation ‘Morning Report’, the interviewer Guyon, the topic charter schools – surely the dunce couldn’t flunk this one, but he does with feather-headed facility.

And he manages to putdown public schools in the process, leaving charter schools entirely untouched.

‘What are the differences between charter schools and public schools?’ begins Guyon.

‘Well’, as the dunce fumbled through his befuddled education mind.

‘Ah yes, teachers in public schools have to be registered.’

‘But, reportedly,’ intervenes Guyon, ‘charter schools are picking up children from public schools and being successful.’

And do you know what this education dunce does, he accepts this entirely unfounded proposition without challenge and, in triumphant tone as though having just outflanked the theory of relativity, says: ‘Ah, but that is about to change with our new policies for struggling children.’

Thereby, shifting to another entirely unfounded proposition.

So public schools with their registered teachers couldn’t help those struggling children but charter schools without them could.

He might have said:

  • There is no evidence that charter schools are attended by struggling children any more than attend neighbouring schools [such matters are complex to work out, but only self-serving hearsay is available]
  • There is no evidence overall that charter schools are helping those struggling children
  • The last nine years of the National government has been characterised by a war on children in public schools, struggling children in particular and their teachers, not helped by charter schools being used as a platform by conservative politicians to be hateful to teachers and a source of the biggest lie wielded within the system – you know what it is, no it is not about charter schools, it is a number
  • In the circumstances, it is the system failing struggling children, not schools
  • I have a member in my Labour team who against the circumstances rose magnificently against them
  • Neo-liberalism, of which charter schools along with ERO are classic education examples, is impenetrable to history.

He forgot to say that: 

  • Charter schools will have to follow the New Zealand Curriculum.

When asked what differences charter schools will face, he struggled, and said: ‘Ah, actually the children will hardly notice any difference at all.’

So having registered teachers, having to follow the New Zealand Curriculum, and changed external supervision, and all the wonderful changes coming in to help struggling children will not make any difference to the children.

In fact, given the dunce’s comments we’ll need to be on the lookout for schools being less successful.

The big problem with the dunce is that in education his brain in impenetrable to history: one wonders if he is in the wrong Party.

I will get a lot of unfavourable correspondence for this from charter school proponents. From a narrow perspective I can understand even admire their position, from a wider one, they are simply a flea on the public education bum.

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2 Responses to Labour’s education dunce strikes again

  1. Beth Jones says:

    Perhaps he needs more sleep and some help …

  2. Steve says:

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.
    With National you knew the ideology driving their treatment of teachers. Sadly the new mob seem to have picked up where they left off. Very disillusioned with them.

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