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Another huge bureaucratic injustice

The following was written by a parent. After investigating it I have found the claims of terrible injustice to be supported. It is another case of the education bureaucracy listening to the wrong people; believing them to be the worth … Continue reading

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Human nature, cynicism, and NZEI capitulation

As predicted in an earlier posting, there were strong majorities from schools in support of clusters, with teachers more strongly in favour than principals. I am impressed, given the farcically biased presentation and that such a vote should never have … Continue reading

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And now it is bullying by PLD personnel with the shadowy backing of ERO and the ministry

Of the stories sent in, I have given some priority to this one, that of a teacher being bullied by a senior person from a Professional Learning and Development company. Teachers are backing this up with their own accounts in which … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s e-mail is a small win over ERO

The following e-mail was sent to all schools. It is clearly a rushed measure from Iona, a small advance, but a welcome one, and I praise her for it. It reads as grudging, but I suggest it might have somewhat … Continue reading

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The review office at it again: Now let’s get this clear. The interview will be conducted in any way I want it to be

It is a given of human behaviour that non-accountable power inevitably leads to abuse; not by any particular individual but within any group. When has that given not provided? With the education review office, we have in a democracy, in … Continue reading

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These were the responses to I had a dream.

Responses to I had a dream John Carrodus says: September 15, 2015 at 4:27 pm Live your dream Kelvin, go the whole round, break the nose and go for the knockout! The Hogarths are with you, we need an official Bolshie! … Continue reading

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I had a dream

I had been working late into the night against the deadline for the third ERO review of Opua School; desperate to get out the postings to protect the school from the revenge visit set up by the second review. It … Continue reading

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