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Professor Ivan Snook comments on Primary School Diaries 5

Every primary principal should read, and encourage their teachers to read, the latest of Kelvin Smythe’s Primary School Diaries, edited by Allan Alach. It begins by exposing the cunning publicity surrounding Tomorrows Schools, (‘It’s time you knew what is going … Continue reading

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Hattie’s research: Is wrong Part 2

This posting is the second in the series about the Hattie’s research being wrong. But how to get at that research? Hattie’s claims for it are so gigantic and, I believe, so wrong as to represent a wrongness so overwhelming … Continue reading

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Hattie’s research: egregious errors

The egregious errors that beset John Hattie’s research are so pervasive as to prove difficult to encompass and thus lay bare – but various insights local and international are at last coming together to achieve just that. This posting argues … Continue reading

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Dear teachers and principals of New Zealand: Ivan Snook speaks

Ivan is an academic hero from the fight against Tomorrow’s Schools. At the time it seemed as there was Ivan and five or six other Massey academics, two from Victoria – and me from schools, carrying that fight. This is … Continue reading

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