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Is the Rangiora commissioner disassociated from reality?

I am referring to an item in the Christchurch Press (March 26, 2017) headed ‘Government intervention at Canterbury’s Rangiora High School to end this year, report says.’ http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/90764769/government-intervention-at-canterburys-rangiora-high-school-to-end-this-year-report-says In the context, this unbalanced reporting does continuing harm to Peggy Burrows, … Continue reading

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Here we go again: another intervention injustice

I have substantial amounts of information about goings-on at Wairoa College, some of it scandalous, but that can be looked into by the ministerial inquiry I’m calling for, I just want concentrate here on the bureaucratic behaviour around the appointment … Continue reading

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Rangiora High School: attempts to discredit Authority decision: explosive staff meeting: why Hekia resigned: $m of blood money found

This posting begins quietly, setting the scene, one in which a principal and a board are unjustifiably dismissed on the basis of a secret report. In the process, I believe the commissioner compromised the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) which partly … Continue reading

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A famous victory for Peggy Burrows

The famous victory was for Peggy Burrows along with her wonderful supporters, including Marlene Campbell, Paul Finch, her lawyer, and many from the school and community. I accept, however, that networkonnet kept charging into the issue, keeping it in the … Continue reading

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Worst in English-speaking world: TIMSS – QED – 26 years and only one good system thing happened

And I’ll get that over quickly: the brave resistance to national standards – the best thing in the system was opposing something in it. What follows is a speed trip over 26 years which, in retrospect, demonstrates that nothing in … Continue reading

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Kerr off leash no longer barking mad

The New Zealand School Trustees’ M-16-8 has completed a wondrous turnaround. The challenge for the presidency from Richard Green has contributed, but the main reason is that Hekia Parata, while still a conservative educationist has, with her resignation, signalled disillusionment … Continue reading

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Neoliberal education is a system of trickle down power: let’s not be diverted by neoliberal stunts

Hekia Parata is making a flurry of pathetic education announcements because she can, and because she needs to: she can in the sense that the achievement performance of schools is good enough – courtesy of all the high stakes inflation … Continue reading

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