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Tomorrow’s Schools’ wheel-a-go-round

The lack of attention to: Leadership: you can have good leadership (no recent example in education comes to mind) and bad leadership (Hekia Parata) and no leadership (Chris Hipkins) – which constitutes an abdication to bad leadership The way the … Continue reading

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Treachery! Part 1: The Hipkins’ swift one and the satire

In what follows, I spell out briefly an astonishingly duplicitous U turn by Chris Hipkins that has horrid implications for education. These implications are examined in a further Attack! but I needed to get the message out quickly to encourage … Continue reading

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There is another in the arrangement, so it is a bit crowded

Does the panel for Tomorrow’s Schools remain our only hope? In the absence of providing his own sense of principled direction Chris Hipkins is acting through a disparate assembly of adult organisational educational needs and ideologies. Unable to see straight … Continue reading

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I am asking you to stand by me on this one: The File

Dear reader The File, my final publication, is now available for purchase. It is a publication that, with care, can provide a lift to the primary education system and a surer sense of direction. Not because of what I have … Continue reading

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What I wrote last year about CoLs and salaries, don’t say I didn’t warn you (written some months ago)

(And just for your edification NZEI’s media yesterday’s release (17.05.18).) Get this straight: if National is returned, paying for the clusters will just about be it, and National will have another term saying clusters will solve everything (another three years … Continue reading

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My four changes to fix a broken primary school education system: you will only guess one of them

The primary school education system is broken – if change isn’t fundamental, it will be yet another betrayal of teachers and children. At the top we have Chris Hipkins. I have stopped issuing dire warnings about him because I recognise … Continue reading

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Hattie’s research is false: Vice-Chancellors asked to investigate Part 2

The falseness of Hattie’s research is not difficult to explain; only a few aspects are complex. But everything about Hattie’s research is false except for some opinions which, while they may be true, are also false, because he claims them … Continue reading

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