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John Gerritsen: War correspondent for the Times

John Gerritsen: War correspondent for the Times,  Russell: New Zealand July 1845 Confidential document on New Zealand Wars Documents from the Colonial Office have come to hand detailing a battle fought recently between Lieutenant Colonel Despard leading the 58th and … Continue reading

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Ken Blaiklock and the Listener article: this is no game

‘Perfect storm’? Wow! Things must wild down there, and all the time those teachers are carrying on, blithely unaware of hurricane-level metaphorical winds and towering waves of bad practice raging around them. In such a ways are teachers presented as … Continue reading

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Hattie makes a blunder in his campaign against early childhood education

I am going to assume that you have read the sister posting to this one (‘Hattie makes his move in on early childhood’) allowing me to shift quickly to the matter at hand, to what seems to be a transcendental … Continue reading

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Hattie makes his move in on early childhood: Key set to act in tandem

It was something Hattie says early on in the Listener article that delivered a sharp stab of déjà vu. I recognised with a shudder his old dodge, as leading government ideologist, of delivering with wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing oleaginous concern, a threat that … Continue reading

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