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The Education Term 2 Report Card

By Allan Alach Do you have this little wondering thought in the back of your mind that the last few years of National’s education agenda has been a shambles? Wonder no more – you’re right on the money. Here’s an … Continue reading

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The networkonnet manifesto: sign up to have your ideas heard

The networkonnet manifesto: sign up to have your ideas heard Kelvin Smythe with Allan Alach The manifesto is intended to gather signatures then, with media release attached, distributed to media, teacher organisations, and a range of interest groups. Readers can … Continue reading

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Networkonnet: directions for primary education as a basis for budget and election year demands

Kelvin Smythe, supported by Allan Alach This posting is intended to provoke discussion and will be changed according to readers’ ideas. The pattern has been that when Labour is in and is its usual generous self to education, the organisations … Continue reading

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Ken Blaiklock and the Listener article: this is no game

‘Perfect storm’? Wow! Things must wild down there, and all the time those teachers are carrying on, blithely unaware of hurricane-level metaphorical winds and towering waves of bad practice raging around them. In such a ways are teachers presented as … Continue reading

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Education today

Hello Kelvin Below is my email to Hekia. I am appalled at the suggestion from MOE to do with my national standards data. I don’t know where our system is heading. The only certain fact is that national standards data … Continue reading

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Hattie makes a blunder in his campaign against early childhood education

I am going to assume that you have read the sister posting to this one (‘Hattie makes his move in on early childhood’) allowing me to shift quickly to the matter at hand, to what seems to be a transcendental … Continue reading

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