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Terrific media releases: one from a teacher organisation, another from a political party

We have now had 26 years of Tomorrow’s Schools and in all that time, leaving aside national standards, no political party or teacher organisation has advocated a fundamental structural change; that is, one with implications for the philosophy of that … Continue reading

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If Chris Hipkins can’t do it give it to Kelvin Davis Part 2

In many respects Kelvin Davis is more conservative than Chris Hipkins but Kelvin Davis listens and that is all we are asking. [I want to make it clear these postings are entirely my initiative. If Kelvin asked me to stop … Continue reading

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Two bits of policy, Chris Hipkins, Labour, a challenge, clusters, and a bit at the end

Labour’s latest two bits of policy bring bad and good news: Labour has gone with NZEI, and will continue with clusters – albeit with changes, oh dear! but listened to teachers, and national standards will go, oh good! Can’t NZEI … Continue reading

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Peggy’s last post and Kafka: Rangiora commissioner outrage continues

Peggy’s last post: I have decided this will be my last Facebook post about the ERA Settlement that as yet has not been paid to me by Mrs Moore.  I have, for the past two years endured bullying, loss, humiliation, … Continue reading

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Key resignation by Roughan: is it another lie in a government of lies?

Democracy at risk. John Roughan from the Herald has added to his biography of John Key providing an account of why he resigned, but it doesn’t gel, perhaps for the reason it doesn’t attend to a decidedly alternative reason (being … Continue reading

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Trump subjects Kiwi education radicals to an executive order

Ring-ring-ring-ring Good morning. Is that Kelvin Smythe of Cambridge? Yes. Stand by for a call from the president of the United States of America.     I am unbelievably disappointed that you and your bunch of education bad dudes have … Continue reading

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Rangiora High School: attempts to discredit Authority decision: explosive staff meeting: why Hekia resigned: $m of blood money found

This posting begins quietly, setting the scene, one in which a principal and a board are unjustifiably dismissed on the basis of a secret report. In the process, I believe the commissioner compromised the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) which partly … Continue reading

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