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The government dismantling of public education: and reflections on resistance

[Dedicated to Ivan Snook, my mentor, friend, and inspiration.] This posting explores public education being in serious difficulty – largely because the government is intent on dismantling it. But was where we are inevitable? And a personal philosophy of resistance … Continue reading

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Dear Ms Kaye from the NZEI executive (highly confidential)

Dear Ms Kaye from the NZEI executive (highly confidential) NZEI executive Highly confidential Dear Ms Kaye We’re still very excited about your appointment and looking forward to being modernised. We’re quite shivery in anticipation about that one but, in respect … Continue reading

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Oh come on! Bring in the NCEA cavalry (Warwick Elley)

Staffroom photos help boost NCEA pass rates at North Shore’s Glenfield College ‘Schools can achieve any pass rates they want; it is simply a matter of being sensitive to believability limits and cheek. Principals keep their hands clean but they … Continue reading

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If Chris Hipkins can’t do it give it to Kelvin Davis Part 1

If you scanned through what follows, you might ask, what has this to do with Chris Hipkins and Kelvin Davis? Well, recently in the Herald (April 13, 2017) there was a gushing article about how wonderful Hekia Parata had been … Continue reading

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Two bits of policy, Chris Hipkins, Labour, a challenge, clusters, and a bit at the end

Labour’s latest two bits of policy bring bad and good news: Labour has gone with NZEI, and will continue with clusters – albeit with changes, oh dear! but listened to teachers, and national standards will go, oh good! Can’t NZEI … Continue reading

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John Hattie: your research is now a con

In this article I am going to place considerable demands on Simon Collins’ flexibility of thinking, on his ability to imagine the unimaginable, his willingness to recognise a wrong universally accepted right by the media as an incontrovertible right, and … Continue reading

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Ministry and Sky City celebration of clusters

If asked, the ministry will deny any initial planning for a celebration of clusters, but the idea is being given serious attention. It is a telling commentary that Auckland is the intended place for such a cynical manoeuvre; high decile … Continue reading

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