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Not ‘Getting it’ – and ‘Getting it’

When Tomorrow’s Schools was introduced, I immediately recognised we would be incapable of thinking ourselves out of the education failure we had allowed ourselves to be thought into (led by Treasury and a mesmerised David Lange) and predicted the next … Continue reading

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Treachery! Part 1: The Hipkins’ swift one and the satire

In what follows, I spell out briefly an astonishingly duplicitous U turn by Chris Hipkins that has horrid implications for education. These implications are examined in a further Attack! but I needed to get the message out quickly to encourage … Continue reading

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Hattie’s research is false: Vice-Chancellors asked to investigate Part 2

The falseness of Hattie’s research is not difficult to explain; only a few aspects are complex. But everything about Hattie’s research is false except for some opinions which, while they may be true, are also false, because he claims them … Continue reading

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Here I stand Part 3: By a series of circumstances, the truth of education in a democracy was struck

The File and this writing is predicated on the main aim for school education in a democracy being to prepare children for life in a democracy and to support and protect it. What else could the main aim for school … Continue reading

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Here I stood Part 2: What goes around with quantitative reading professors comes around

Introduction In the NZ Herald today (26.04.2018), Natalie Akoorie has written an article on a just released review office report damning reading recovery. This report was then discussed by the review office and responded to by one of the Massey … Continue reading

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A coherent analysis would require Labour to respond in a coherent way

Labour has made a timid, philosophically fragmented start to its primary school policy implementation; and one that looks destined to continue. From a consideration of its recent history we should not be surprised. It is a political party that ever … Continue reading

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I am not sitting on my hands: the cabinet paper is not enough

On balance, the paper by the minister of education to the cabinet removing national standards is useful, but not sufficiently so to make definitive philosophical change in the way National always does, and Labour has done twice, once with Peter … Continue reading

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