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On the steps of parliament: protest against ERO

Timed for the opening of parliament 1996: New Zealand First in coalition with National On Wednesday, 11 December, I pointed my car down my driveway in Cambridge, turned right, and right again, and headed south. It was my appreciation that … Continue reading

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The moment it went wrong for being a principal

The idea in Tomorrow’s Schools was that if the government got the administration of education right, and principals followed suit with their schools, the appropriate curriculum implementation would devolve from that. And an appropriate curriculum implementation did evolve from that … Continue reading

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This is the moment for decisive action against CoLs Part 3

[1988, kitchen table, scratching away with a pen, and for some reason I get on to collaboration.] [This is just a post-note to Parts 1 and 2. I cannot remember what occasioned it. I don’t know whether it was some … Continue reading

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Terrific media releases: one from a teacher organisation, another from a political party

We have now had 26 years of Tomorrow’s Schools and in all that time, leaving aside national standards, no political party or teacher organisation has advocated a fundamental structural change; that is, one with implications for the philosophy of that … Continue reading

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If Chris Hipkins can’t do it give it to Kelvin Davis Part 2

In many respects Kelvin Davis is more conservative than Chris Hipkins but Kelvin Davis listens and that is all we are asking. [I want to make it clear these postings are entirely my initiative. If Kelvin asked me to stop … Continue reading

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Sir Patricio Grinch, Wekiu Tomata, Weary Gardener, and Tugger, the then PM

I think that one of the problems we have with the education galumphs who have proselytised Tomorrow’s Schools and its anti-democratic philosophy is that because of the damage it has wrought on the fabric of New Zealand society especially the … Continue reading

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Worst in English-speaking world: TIMSS – QED – 26 years and only one good system thing happened

And I’ll get that over quickly: the brave resistance to national standards – the best thing in the system was opposing something in it. What follows is a speed trip over 26 years which, in retrospect, demonstrates that nothing in … Continue reading

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