Attack! 31 Computers needed in employment – bingo – computers should be central to learning: NO! NO! NO!

Welcome to ATTACK! 

ATTACK! is a two-page occasional publication giving attention to the curriculum – the holistic curriculum.Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.16.53 AM

ATTACK! is for you, also to introduce to your colleagues. Each issue will be restricted to two pages. A cover graphic for a file or folder to store ATTACK! issues is available.

Most of ATTACK! will be concerned with the holistic curriculum which, if acted on, is a fundamental way to undermine the present undemocratic education system. Don’t be discouraged if opportunities to teach holistically are limited, do your best, be a guardian, and act as a witness to this culturally significant and inspiring way of teaching and learning.

To get in touch for comment, questions, and the ATTACK! issues to be sent to you personally:

Attack! 31 Computers needed in employment – bingo – computers should be central to learning: NO! NO! NO!

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5 Responses to Attack! 31 Computers needed in employment – bingo – computers should be central to learning: NO! NO! NO!

  1. John Carrodus says:

    Hi Kelvin. I enjoyed this. I am torn. A number of points you raise are forming the centre of gravity for my various thoughts and beliefs as they spin in concentric orbits around this enormous topic. At the cutting edge computers slice across almost every aspect of education and really ask the questions that need to be examined carefully and wisely in a democratic society. Computers are both our saviour and executioner. Every solution has a problem, we need to tread these new knife edges with caution.At the purely cynical end of this eliptical arguement I believe it is about mega data,deunionistion of labour, cutting costs, wealth confiscation, multinational business interests, thought shaping the masses, and a global curriculum alinged with and driven by global political ends;.

  2. Kelvin says:

    Wonderfully put my expressive friend.

  3. Bruce Hammonds says:

    Your comments about the blind faith on computer as the latest ‘silver bullet’ is right on and of course their link with the so called Modern Learning Environments. I am yet to be convinced that anybody really knows how to use them.

    If they don’t develop an an appropriate pedagogy they will suffer the same fate as the 70s open plans.

    Your description a holistic curriculum provides a truly ‘modern’ pedagogy that builds on the best of creative teaching and might just give those teachers in today’s open plans something that might provide an answer.

  4. Kelvin says:

    Thank-you Bruce – an enormously difficult matter to write about in a balanced way. I am pleased with it. The idea, as you pertinently point out, is to place the issue in the curriculum and see how the place of the computer works out. Computers in education demand two guiding ideas be held in the mind and the issue worked out from there: the interaction of a real curriculum with a new and powerful tool and, the needs of children as they are and might be. Your comment is much appreciated.

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