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Laura Walters and Simon Collins: wayward and biased reporting

Laura Walters should give up altogether, her writing spirals unobstructed by any semblance of originality below that which an intelligent 15 year-old could produce – there is a breathless, girl’s adventure quality to her writing, a hugely misplaced confidence, demonstrating … Continue reading

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Herald editorial a little gem

I have read education editorials for around 60 years, and when I haven’t clenched my teeth on a face-cloth to hold myself back from expletives, I have sent away furious responses. When I started to write Developmental Network Magazine in … Continue reading

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John Gerritsen: War correspondent for the Times

John Gerritsen: War correspondent for the Times,  Russell: New Zealand July 1845 Confidential document on New Zealand Wars Documents from the Colonial Office have come to hand detailing a battle fought recently between Lieutenant Colonel Despard leading the 58th and … Continue reading

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Dirty politics and the minister’s office: How it works

In 2011, Anne Tolley moved to introduce legislation to take away the right of principals to speak out on education matters, but suddenly withdrew her action. Obviously, another plan had been hatched. We waited. Many of us watched Slater’s website. … Continue reading

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Nigel Latta: we needed insight and we got a blarney-spouting leprechaun

Nigel Latta on school education: What was that? The things Nigel Latta got right about New Zealand school education were also what is wrong about New Zealand school education. He got it right that we had many skilled and passionate … Continue reading

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The NZ Herald education editorialist is oh so wrong

There is something disconcerting about the Herald education editorialist (I have no idea of his name); something reminiscent; something that stirs associations.  That he is a virulent education neoliberal is obvious and will be demonstrated, but there is something more. … Continue reading

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