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Targeted funding allocation the same yearly amount as the asset attempt on Rangiora

As far as National education budgets are concerned, teacher organisations get what it costs the government to get them off its back. That cost was obviously nothing, as the school allocation is going from $13.9 billion to $14.2 billion; a … Continue reading

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Our teacher organisations have failed us

Our teacher organisation leaders have failed us, and continue to fail us. Over the Tomorrow’s Schools years, teacher leaders have spent more time counteracting my arguments than opposing the parts of government policy that needed opposing. I have mainly been … Continue reading

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Secondary school principals, the poor dears are all in a tiz

Perhaps you could help the secondary principals, the poor dears are all in a tiz trying to work out why there was a fall in the number of students passing UE, a fall from 71 per cent in 2013 to … Continue reading

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NZPF and NZEI – great: PPTA need a pay cut and to be hauled in

For those in primary, as far as organisational representation is concerned, we can now feel comfortable. Yes – NZEI is in a complicated IES position that in one sense doesn’t make full sense, but they are cool, and we have … Continue reading

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UE results demonstrate a failing education system: secondary and primary

Deniable corruption I happen to think that secondary school teachers within the limits and burdens being placed on them are pretty good. As an inspector and in other capacities I have been impressed by some aspects of their classroom teaching. … Continue reading

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Clusters’ first stand

PPTA actions in the IES debacle have been cynical on two grounds: first, because PPTA members were denied the opportunity to vote for or against the IES as a concept; were given only the opportunity to vote on the final … Continue reading

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PPTA revolt occurring

Just as primary had a teacher organisation that headed rogue but was pulled back, secondary has one too, the PPTA executive, but not yet reined in. However, great news – from information just to hand, the PPTA is about to … Continue reading

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