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A threshold timetable Part 3 – Choice

National standards have gone, but how will schools react, will it just be much the same but minus official national standards? will it be many scratching their heads? or will it be a return to holistic values, our education cultural … Continue reading

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Bruce Hammonds on using the immediate environment for expressing and learning

Personal writing is a means to let the children affirm that their own lives are significant and worth recording. By bringing their world into school we are in a way legitimising the children’s unique existence and, in a small way, … Continue reading

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Clay in school

Another in the very popular arts series by Chris Graham Primary-school children find clay a wonderfully tactile medium to tell their stories. The manipulation of clay has a universal fascination for children. When given a tennis-ball sized piece of clay … Continue reading

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Attack! 116 … and the rabbit bobs past!

Welcome to ATTACK!  ATTACK! is a two-page occasional publication giving attention to the curriculum – the holistic curriculum. ATTACK! is for you, also to introduce to your colleagues. Each issue will be restricted to two pages. A cover graphic for a file or … Continue reading

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Marvels amongst the kauri Part 1

I am venturing once again to visit my friend Chris Horne at Glen Eden Intermediate, in appropriately-named Kaurilands, just off Titirangi Road, for further drama inspiration. In my last visit the result was Attacks! 100-103 Magic amongst the kauri based … Continue reading

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In which Pooh looks for a 21st Century Education Part 4

‘Pooh!’ ‘Yes?’ said Pooh. ‘When I’m – when – Pooh!’ ‘I’m not going to do Nothing any more.’ ‘Never again?’ ‘Well not so much. They don’t let you.’ Pooh waited for him to go on, but he was silent again. … Continue reading

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In which Pooh looks for a 21st Century Education Part 3

In Part 2, Pooh, apparently disillusioned with his experience with a 21st Century Education, announced to Piglet that though he didn’t know what it looked like, he was just going to try and catch a Good Education because the century … Continue reading

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