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In which Pooh looks for a 21st Century Education Part 3

In Part 2, Pooh, apparently disillusioned with his experience with a 21st Century Education, announced to Piglet that though he didn’t know what it looked like, he was just going to try and catch a Good Education because the century … Continue reading

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Two bits of policy, Chris Hipkins, Labour, a challenge, clusters, and a bit at the end

Labour’s latest two bits of policy bring bad and good news: Labour has gone with NZEI, and will continue with clusters – albeit with changes, oh dear! but listened to teachers, and national standards will go, oh good! Can’t NZEI … Continue reading

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Ministry and Sky City celebration of clusters

If asked, the ministry will deny any initial planning for a celebration of clusters, but the idea is being given serious attention. It is a telling commentary that Auckland is the intended place for such a cynical manoeuvre; high decile … Continue reading

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Magic amongst the kauri

Chris Horne and drama Part 1 I was peering down on Glen Eden Intermediate, Kaurilands, a hidden valley just off Titirangi Road, alive with kauri trees providing name-place integrity, surely one of the most evocative school settings in New Zealand. … Continue reading

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Pragmatism, positivism, neoliberalism and the undermining of democracy and dismantling of, public education Part 3

Part 3 of a three-part series.   It was 1989, and with Tomorrow’s Schools imminent, I knew I would leave the formal education system to go out on the road to communicate the pragmatist and holistic message.  There was an … Continue reading

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Hekia drew a line

The big shake-up in education has resulted in a big shakeup for Hekia Parata. She drew a line and refused to proceed in the manner set by John Key, Bill English, and Stephen Joyce. These three will be the drivers … Continue reading

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After all, who am I talking to who can do anything?

Reflecting on the children of the poor posting I realised it was pretty good; might even be the best I’ve written. In my younger days I would have polished off something of that length by lunch, this posting took … Continue reading

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