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Do you pass the test for a leader under Labour?

Where did the leaders go wrong in their responses (though they were pretty good as far as they went) as reported in a provincial newspaper on 20 October; responses that if asked of education leaders generally, would, I think, be … Continue reading

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The morning after and personal reflections on resistance (if you will forgive me)

The main instrument governments have used to dismantle public education is the education review office; it is the organisational apotheosis of the coercive neoliberal education ends. If public education is to be freed, given renewed health to pursue democratic and holistic … Continue reading

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The greatest teacher organisation leader of our times

Whetu’s conference speech I want to extend a very warm welcome to our special guest.  To our Minister of Education, the Hon Nikki Kaye.  Welcome Minister. And thank you for taking time out of the most exciting election campaign – … Continue reading

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The holistic, digitalists, and democracy

The holistic philosophy is about the interaction of the cognitive and the affective; the combination of knowledges – teacher and academic (also other); teaching and learning being organised by dynamic broad aims (assisted by criteria that can be seen as … Continue reading

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I never saw much future in the Key Competencies

I never saw much future in the Key Competencies: I predicted they would be considerably talked about and showily displayed but wretchedly acted on. The problem being that the system they are supposed to function in is incompatible with them. … Continue reading

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Is the Maori Party bonkers?

The article is headed ‘Can we trust the teachers?’ For some reason, Simon Collins, the Herald education reporter, decided to put trust in teachers under scrutiny not politicians and bureaucrats. Why not ‘Can we trust the politicians and bureaucrats?’ Poor … Continue reading

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A majority of one

Tomorrow (Friday 1 April) I will be standing on the corner … Tomorrow at 10am, with my nine-year-old granddaughter, I will be standing on the corner of Portage Road and Kinross Street, opposite Titirangi Golf Course, to honour my aunty … Continue reading

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