Hekia resigned on principle

The previous posting about Hekia’s resignation has soared to over 2000 readers and is still climbing.

I am heading to Whangarei in a few hours to spend the weekend with my northern grandchildren but wanted to keep you in touch with developments. (I can sense some hard family stares as I bend to the computer so may not make it with the posting. By the way any principal free for a coffee at wharf on Sunday morning – 0272409092.)

Some in the media have rung to ask me how I knew about her resignation in advance. I said we watch each other like hawks and I noticed a difference in her flight pattern.

It reached a considerable flurry and I knew.

I need to make it clear: Hekia Parata resigned on principle.

She not only did not like present directions she was also horrified with directions being planned by John Key, Steven Joyce, and Bill English – directions set out in the previous article.

Those three pakeha men need to be very careful.

I picked up her major concern early in the year when a word became proscribed around her office – she became mightily agitated at its use: projects. That word was mentioned at the utterer’s risk.

And the concern came from the lack of support from the three pakeha men referred to above at the lack genuine policies and genuine money to help Maori.

Readers of this website will know I have goaded Hekia about the stunts (projects) for Maori she has promoted as cover for the lack of proper education proposals. I made it quite clear Maori achievement was slipping and her lack of action was to blame. You may remember that this website begged that instead of $270 million going into clusters, that money be used to reduce class size in primary and for tutoring for certain groups of children at secondary.

Hekia’s main concern with the three pakeha men is that the needs of Maori children are not being addressed. Mind you, by going on about the effect of poverty on achievement being 18% instead of 70% she has contributed mightily to this not being addressed. Hekia –  we are talking about deep learning here not a test after some algorithms.

Hekia also detests charter schools as typical of the sort of stunt driven by the three pakeha men supposedly to help Maori.

Hekia looked at the policies she had implemented for the three pakeha men and was unhappy.

And then late last year she looked at the policies laid out for her to deliver in the new election cycle and she was downright miserable.

I praise her courage in doing this.

She gains the title of the best minister of education resignation ever.

Key became very concerned about the effect of Hekia’s resignation on the anti-public education policies planned for the next election, no doubt to be set out in nauseous neoliberal-speak.

He tried to strengthen the weak resignation message (discussed with family and other stuff) by saying it was probably because of Wira’s (Hekia’s husband) aging and his illness.

Hekia came straight back and said it wasn’t.

Key should pull his horns in and be very careful. Hekia’s weak message regarding her reasons for resigning sent a strong message about education, and that message was that she resigned because of concerns over directions.

Let me see now: a woman, a Maori women, a strong Maori woman, a strong Ngati-Porou Maori woman.

Key – I would be very careful.


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3 Responses to Hekia resigned on principle

  1. Vern Stevens says:

    I think that you are being very gracious Kelvin. The damage wreaked in the last few years, starting with Mallard, and until now , has been horrific. Under National it has always been about the “big: three and their extreme Neo liberal agenda. Tolley kicked it off and was seen as expendable by all of us, but Hekia scared me, because of her Charisma, her looks, her ability to make shit shine and her enthusiasm to deliver those outrageous policies. God knows who they are going to front with this time, but I guess you have some idea.
    Now in what will be a bit of a hiatus NZEI, PPTA and NZPF need to change tack and put real pressure on and stave things off until we hit election mode, when things will quieten down and this lot get booted out.
    Once again labour very quiet and apparently even praised Hekia when she made her announcement. NZ First the only party to stand up and make a truthful statement, that in itself is giving me only one way to vote!

  2. Kelvin says:

    She was and is the worst minister of education – her resignation is the best by a minister of education.

    I always agree with you Vern but we need to grasp an opportunity to children’s advantage when proffered – and this is.

    • Vern Stevens says:

      Absolutely, but we must show backbone and not pretend to be objecting to a policy and then play along with it and sort of give it credence by staying in the tent. We must draw a line in the sand and bloody well stick to it.
      Have a good weekend with your Whanau Kelvin.

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