Back page of the booklets: Where is our past?

Back page of the booklets: Where is our past?

Special publication 1 from

Developmental in action: a new entrant room (1989) – the holistic before the fall


Where is our primary school past, our primary school education cultural past to help us prepare children for the present to be ready for the future?

Why are we being forced to teach the education pasts of others: bureaucratic, imported, secondary school, media, philosophical, academic – which are failing children in the present and for which primary teachers are being blamed to become their past and the beginning of a cycle of failure to the continuing detriment of public education?

This publication is a story of the present, as it was then, from our cultural past; a widespread primary school education story that was treated with contempt, made forgotten, besieged, near destroyed.

This is a story from a website which has a section (Attack!) dedicated to those brave teachers and principals who did their best to act on the basis of their holistic, developmental cultural past, to the delight and learning improvement of the children concerned. Primary school education, this story makes obvious, will not improve until the knowledge of classroom teachers is respected and they become full partners in the development of policy.

The reader in going through this account by Sue and later Chris should remember that their classroom rooms are our past removed from us, to the detriment of everything from children’s reading to the use of computers. We and they were bombarded with the neoliberal maxim TINA – there is no alternative but you see there was, Sue and Chris’s way.

Kelvin Smythe (former senior inspector of schools)   0272409092

This publication is being sent to major education organisations and media outlets.

An occasional publication to convey the message to those groups referred to above – and to general readers – that the groups referred to have near destroyed the primary school past to their own power advantage, putting their own interests before the welfare of primary school principals, teachers, and children, then used that position of power to distort, coerce, and humiliate to dissimulate the consequences of their actions. To move from electronic to paper to express this, might seem a desperate move, and probably is, representing, for me, something of a last stand (though, hopefully a reasonably extended one). 

The booklets to be made of the two classrooms can be purchased for 10.00. Just send you postal address to,nz   Developmental Publications BNZ Cambridge 020300 0016362 00 

The proceeds are to help defray costs of sending booklets to all major education organisations and outlets.

If you would like to make a donation to the campaign: Developmental Publications BNZ Cambridge 020300 0016362 00

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2 Responses to Back page of the booklets: Where is our past?

  1. Vern Stevens says:

    Well said Kelvin. The bit about being full partners in the development of policy is an interesting point. NZEI and NZPF to some extent, I am sure, think that they are being full partners in the development of policy, when in fact they are being used to illustrate support for these outrageous policies, because they are in the tent with Hekia.
    This latest protest around funding, I fully support, but it is way to little and far to late. There were way more important things that we should have all stood up tall and protested against 9 years ago, and probably even before when Mallard was putting into place the beginnings of National Standards, because that was the thin edge of this very long and very steep wedge.

  2. Kelvin says:

    Oh so well said!

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