Hekia Parata fighting for her job

There was the lie in parliament swearing on the bible that she consulted with a Christchurch special needs group about the proposed change to targeted funding.

That, even for her, was unusually reckless.

The signs of increasing growing desperation about the so-called ‘big shake-up’ – but that is only a small part of the miasma over which Hekia is responsible.

She knows, except for some academic and principal cronies, she won’t be missed, and that she will go down in education as the worst minister of education ever, unparalleled in never allowing a fact go by without seriously interfering with it.

Deep down she knows history will condemn her, the most chilling condemnation, in particular, will be her betrayal of Maori children with her pernicious 18% rhetoric; and the most horrendous, in general, creating education mayhem with her leadership style; locked as she is into an inability, because of her personality, to introduce education change, even in the rare circumstance where it meant good, without revelling in the power of imposition and thereby destroying possibility of that good.

With all this I said ‘Hah!’ get ready for the profile spin, she will be fearful for her job.

And on 27 September there it was in the NZ Herald; what a strange foundling of an article it was by Nicholas Jones. He had obviously been called in by Hekia’s media team and handed the bundle.

There was a potted history of the girl from Ruatoria being marvellous scattered throughout the article, along with bits and pieces of the so-called shake-up and some comment from education spokespeople.

It had the structure of a squashed jellyfish

So there it was, ostensibly about the big shake-up but really about Parata trying to come across as the Ruatoria girl next door: we get loads of family references, for instance, crossing the Waiapu on horseback to go to the rugby, her secondary school principal father, and a lot of attention to All Blacks (even an actual tweet sending best wishes to the World Cup squad), then a reference to Waikato university days and ‘helping to get the Hamilton game called off’ (sorry Hekia I was there, and all the other weeks before, noticed Donna but not you). This attempt at making her a real person slithers about for three long pages.

The article in its formlessness and idiosyncrasy unprecedented surely  in newspaper history.

Something is up and that indicates Hekia is in danger of coming down.

For Hekia to use this populist, down-home stuff to distract from the way she has ripped the heart out of New Zealand schools, especially primary schools, and to further her plans for more rough surgery (better called the ‘big shakedown’), demonstrates she senses a problem of tenure, and she knows it.

She knew there was a Herald article in the offing demonstrating that NCEA is an education fraud of her construction. And she knew that the article wasn’t even going to get to the real point of the NCEA shambles – that of manipulation within the manipulation described, and it being symptomatic of whole-of-system failure.

For all that million dollar smile and oleaginous demeanour what a cold-hearted minister of education she has been. In her pursuit of putting down teachers and public education she can’t help herself from, in the end, hurting children, especially vulnerable children. I have mentioned Maori children above (oh yes let them eat cake);  now, once again, children with special needs. She once notoriously hinted that special needs children are a result of poor teaching and teachers should just get on with it; and here we have the miserly funded targeted provision, but even more, if bulk funding came in, it would be special needs children that would suffer most.

She knows but doesn’t care.

And there are other things in the offing aren’t there Hekia? you know what I mean. And I don’t mean the mess that is clusters and the questions Treasury is asking about them.

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6 Responses to Hekia Parata fighting for her job

  1. Melulater says:

    Hekia Parata also lied in Parliament on Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th in answer to a patsy question about the joint Paid Union Meetings from David Seymour. Ms Parata claimed that the PUMs were unnecessary as the MOE had already held consultation meetings, and most had been out of school time.
    That was a blatant lie. The majority were DURING school time when teachers and most parents could not attend due to working. No teachers were invited, or parents, in general. Principals and BOT Chairs were invited.
    Tracey Martin tried to have the lie about the Special Education Association sent to the Privileges Committee, but The Speaker blocked that.
    It’s time that direct action was taken against a Minister who repeatedly lies in the House to parliamentarians and the country as a whole.

  2. Kelvin says:

    Most useful information. Thanks.

  3. 111peggyb says:

    Tracey Martin [New Zealand First] also caught Minister Parata out in a lie on 30 March 2016.


    • poled says:

      The limitations within which the Minister (and her colleagues) can be held to account is nicely demonstrated there. The Speaker suddenly objects to Tracey Martin “putting an interpretation” on something. With the speed of a lizard’s tongue he is onto her.
      His usual wallowing with the slowness of a deaf, blind sloth through marshmallow at appalling behaviour and outright lies of Ministers had vanished.

      Last year to a question about the likely closing of the Whangaruru charter school, the Minister said the same amount of funding per pupil they had at Whangaruru would go to the school they enrolled at in the event of closure. That was another lie.

  4. Kelvin says:

    Thanks Peggy
    Very telling
    All best

  5. John Carrodus says:

    The -Big Shake Up- won’t work!
    National Standards don’t work!
    Charter Schools don’t work!
    Clusters don’t work!
    Achievement levels?
    Special education?
    The curriculum?
    Direct funding?
    The MOE ?

    The list grows……….
    It just gets better!

    I rest my case.

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