STA panicking over Richard Green challenge: also reference to Far North and Whangarei

Communities of Learning implementation

NZSTA regional executives are reporting significant issues for boards of trustees in all regions regarding the implementation of Communities of Learning (COLs). NZSTA supported this initiative in principle, but has already raised concerns with the Ministry at national level about the way implementation is proceeding.

Sure evidence Lorraine Kerr is panicking about the common view that Loraine Kerr and Hekia Parata are cronies, meaning over the years that STA has been more an arm of government than a representative of community elected school boards.

If Lorraine is actually sincere in this hugely belated recognition of the dissatisfaction with CoLs, the following are two tests for her.

I could go to any region for examples of terrible ministry practice over CoLs but I choose the region I love, the Far North and Whangarei.

  • The Far North: I call for a new CoL process because of the ministry breaking good faith in having a ministry representative lobbying and putting heavy pressure on certain Far North schools when an agreement of good faith had been struck that no recruitment activity be  undertaken during the negotiations between the head offices and NZEI. Fair discussion about CoLS in the Far North never occurred. This must be corrected.

A disgusting situation has arisen in the Whangarei area in which the ministry is trying to divide principals from their boards.

Get the flavour in what follows:

  • It is a joke. They ae actively isolating principals from the Board and when the boards say CoLs are a good idea and we want to be in, then we (principals) will be faced with STA coming in with Ministry support to force principals out.
  • It’s another case of ill-informed peoples who work at the Ministry yes Ministry decide what is best and who is best to do it … Maori have had that done to us for years and look at the results…blah blah blah MOE back-slapping goody two shoes that haven’t been near a class in ages and would be eaten alive by our darlings.
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3 Responses to STA panicking over Richard Green challenge: also reference to Far North and Whangarei

  1. Paul says:

    Can’t work out this post Kelvin. Who is saying what?

  2. Kelvin says:

    Quite understand Paul: the first part with Lorraine panicking is clear, and the Far North reference. There was a ministry reference to it planning to meet with Boards alone, but it would identify a school, so I took it down; the part where principals are responding to each other is there, but not all of it – so yes, difficult to follow but I left it up anyway. Of course, the teacher organisations should be protecting principals and teachers, but they aren’t and won’t. I’m simply doing my best as an individual. All best

  3. Kelvin says:

    George says:

    The biggest problem with Communities of Learning is that they are a complete waste of time, isn’t that right?

    i.e. Teachers need to commit time over and above the things they already have to do.

    And will be an instrument for increased Wellington control, also, further embed national standards.

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