Another chance to vote for a new STA president

From: Richard Green []

Sent: Monday, 22 August 2016 9:05 a.m.
To: Kelvin Smythe
Subject: Re: Challenge to the NZSTA leadership

Dear Kelvin

Just to update you, the voting papers have been re-sent as there was a discrepancy in the word count of several so boards were sent new voting papers Friday. This means if boards have voted and wish to change their minds they can. Also they have until September 2nd to get papers in.

I have included my new candidate statement,

Don’t know if you can do anything here but just thought I would keep you in the loop.


Tēnā koutou katoa.

 I acknowledge the leadership that has come before. The role that has been played in the establishment of the NZSTA, the navigation through the waters already experienced, and the advocacy for us as boards and through that, the citizens of the future.

 We must also acknowledge that change is necessary to ensure a progressive and functioning organisation. Change is not a criticism of what has gone before, but an acknowledgement that to keep progressing, to prevent stagnation, and to take the next jump forward, it is inevitable.

 I believe it is time for new leadership, and am putting myself forward for President.

 My commitment comes from a desire to see all children of Aotearoa/NZ succeed irrespective of economic and/or social circumstance. For that reason I am committed to stand up for our children with our governments and agencies. To advocate for the best results for our schools. To support our members, our principals, and all those involved in education. To be the ‘board chair’ that works towards our common goal – student achievement.

 I am committed to effective representation of all our members. I am committed to work constructively with governments, agencies, members and professionals towards excellent outcomes for our children.

And I offer a fresh perspective aimed at building on our strong foundations

 About me? – I am in my fourth term at Point Chevalier School (seven years as chair) and fourth year on the Pasadena Intermediate School boards. I’ve been with two principals. Been through fires and roll growth issues, and developed effective relationships with top bureaucrats, members of parliament, and community leaders.

 In 2014 I was awarded a Crombie Lockward Study Grant to look at Māori achievement in Pākehā schools (on NZSTA website) and was also awarded one in 2016 looking at overcrowding issues in inner city schools.

 The executive director of a charitable trust since 2002, I believe in strong governance and ensuring that we provide opportunity for all. This experience brings with it business, financial, and political acumen.

As well as passion, I bring practical expertise to the role of President, including 15 years’ experience in facilitation of education, treaty and local government workshops and events and also chairing committees and boards for schools, arts and political organisations. I am a strong relationship builder who works to build consensus. I am inclusive, and a confident decision-maker when required.

I have an ongoing and long-term commitment to the work that we do on these boards and the need for the organisation at all levels to be the best advocate for the students we represent. I ask for your support to achieve that.

 With me at the helm you will be in safe hands with an open, democratic, visionary, supportive, and strong 21st century leadership.

Toku toa, he toa rangatira

(My bravery is inherited from the chief who were my forebears)

 Richard Green

Executive Director

He Waka Eke Noa Charitable Trust

Producers of The Ugly Shakespeare Company

+64 9 8462592

+64 21 655 633


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4 Responses to Another chance to vote for a new STA president

  1. 111peggyb says:

    What a lovely sentiment, to acknowledge the great work of the past and to advocate for the passing of the baton of leadership. STA needs to practice what it preaches and ensure support for strong succession planning. Richard has all the credentials necessary to carry that baton and strengthen STA for the future. I wish him well!

  2. John Carrodus says:

    The debate is open. Precisely, what is NZSTA’s and all the other major player’s common goal?
    Student Achievement? Ah – YES! But what does this mean and by what standard do we measure?Ummmm….National Standard? Not even close and still no cigar!

    What about representing what parents want…..real life working, bust a gut parents? What do they mean by their kid’s achievement at school? ( Most I speak to talk about all sorts of measures of success and achievement without once using words like national or standatds!)

    Where is the obligation of NZSTA governance to canvas at a national ( or even local level?) a well overdue genuine debate about what NZ parents really want their kids to get out of state funded education? A good trustee is not a dictator. A good trustee is not a ” Chairman of the Board”. A good trustee does not exist to promote the status of a goveranance structure as an entity above who it is created to serve.

    Let us be clear, until these issues are addressed, I see no evidence of change being an inevitable force for progress, or for the better- but I always have hope!

    In my experience, most organisations morph into a self fulfilling prophecy of succession in it’s own image, despite all the noble intentions at it’s inception.

    I will NOT be holding my breath.I need every cc to counteract the stifling atmosphere sucking the oxygen from any intelligent education debate in NZ.

  3. Richard Green says:

    Let me assure you have have no intention of morphing into more of the same. If I wanted more of the same I would never have opposed the incumbent.

  4. John Carrodus says:

    Good luck Richard. As I said, I live in hope.

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