Dear board of trustees and principals: At last, a genuine challenge to NZSTA leadership – real consultation and putting children first

This website with its 3000 readers knows well the outstanding work Richard Green has done in schools and for schools and pledges its full support to the exciting prospect of a NZSTA leadership that consults properly and puts the needs of children and schools first.

Richard has a proved record of working with people to make New Zealand a better place.

Let’s get this done.

I have no doubt that it is complacency and misplaced priorities that has led to this challenge for leadership of the New Zealand School Trustees Association

And this complacency is undermining the work being done by thousands of school trustees, teachers, and parent volunteers around New Zealand.

Now we have school trustee Richard Green challenging the incumbent President of the New Zealand School Trustee Association (NZSTA) because the present leadership, as it is clear to see, is just sitting back and letting things happen.

In his tenth year as a trustee at Pt Chevalier Primary School, and fourth year at Pasadena Intermediate School, Green wants to see the NZSTA play more of an active role in advocating for those they represent – school boards and the children.

“It seems,” Green says, “that the NZSTA are at the table on behalf of the ministry and Minister Parata, rather than the members or the children we advocate for.  Neither government nor ministry is being challenged on key issues like global funding. We should be standing alongside the PPTA, NZEI and principal’s organisations that are saying NO,” he says.

Green is adamant that the role of the NZSTA is not just to support the ministry. Rather it should be as an advocate for the numerous school boards it represents.

Green goes on to say that while it is important that there is a positive relationship and open communication between the NZSTA and the ministry, he signed up to his school board to ensure children, his and others, are well supported in their educational outcomes, not to tick the boxes of governments, no matter what persuasion.

I am confident Green, who is the executive director of a charitable trust, offers the skills essential in the role he is seeking.

Green has established and managed the longest running theatre-in-education company in New Zealand. This brings with it financial and business acumen, as well as a lens that sees things a little differently.

Green has demonstrated a clear understanding of the essence of governance, the key role of school boards. As I see it, his ability to reach across to and be comfortable with diversity is an essential platform of his campaign.

Green offers a commitment to always doing the best for students. He will challenge the status quo where he believes it is detrimental to schools’ purpose, that of supporting all students, principals, boards, teachers and support workers in lifting achievement.

“It is time,” Green says, “that we stood up and challenged the thinking of any government that seems focused on their agenda, at the expense of the quality education of our future generations.”

It is time for a change with Richard Green there to lead a new and different way forward.

As you know the postal election is currently underway with boards having to submit their votes by the beginning of September.

Kelvin Smythe (former senior inspector of schools)

For further information

Richard Green 021655633

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3 Responses to Dear board of trustees and principals: At last, a genuine challenge to NZSTA leadership – real consultation and putting children first

  1. Kelvin says:

    Dear Kelvin: This will be interesting – while I was on a school board I discovered that NZSTA is primarily funded by the MOE. I was told that Industrial Relations people, Help Desk, and even Policy Analysis were funded by the government! (Non-members could use help desk at the time, I bet they still can.)

    When I asked what our subscriptions were paying for, I was told that a lot of it was for ridiculously large elected people to converge regularly to talk about …

    It will be interesting to see if Richard is able to get decolonisation under way.

    But the other thing I recall was a biased voting system: Elected people seemed to be able to vote for national / regional things and slant result away from the member schools’ delegates!

  2. Billy Corgan says:

    Would be great to see a culture change at NZSTA away from the current Anti-Principal stance.

    • Richard Green says:

      Would love to see that too. Please share this with as many principals as you can before boards vote. Many thanks.

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