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As an example of Forum! I have taken two contributions from the Comments section: one by Margaret Lange on ‘Reuben and WALTs’ and one by Paul on ‘NZEI member says union has lost its teeth and is back to pressuring members

    • Margaret Lange says:

June 23, 2016 at 1:51 pm

Margaret Lange on ‘Reuben and WALTs’

A lesson in my class last week started at Matariki day and moved on to Greek Gods, Achilles tendons, physiotherapy, through various other topics and ended up with a lively and very inclusive discussion about why some twins are fraternal and some are identical.

The WALT for that lesson, if I’d wanted to play the game and had one, would probably have said that we are learning to be aware of how the Maori celebrate their new year or the like, or it could have said that we are learning to be discerning listeners, to ask questions of each other, to make connections, to make thoughtful responses, to think outside the square, to feel safe to make an off-the-wall comment and so on.

I can assess the children’s progress against the first WALT. I can’t assess what they learnt against the second WALT in a way that an outsider could understand. I can assess it in my head, but how do I write that down and why do I need to? I’ve watched my children’s confidence grow over the year but it’s nothing I can put my finger on or assess in a way that gives a national standards’ level to their growth.

I have never been comfortable with WALTS, LIs and SCs. I rarely know the direction my lessons are going to take and I don’t want the creativity and the buzz to be restricted by the limitations of the minutia of WALTS and the like. What I do know is that my children are becoming assertive, passionate and independent thinkers. The mantra in my room is that we will be curious, be independent and be brave. That’s the best WALT ever. Paul says:

Paul says:

Paul on NZEI

June 26, 2016 at 9:57 pm

From a principals perspective the union is joke right now. Even down to the fact that PUMs (in the collective) are now staged outside of contact time. When does the union think that teachers do all their planning? No wonder teachers can’t be bothered to attend meetings. Why the rush to settle now? we have already waited for over 6 months. National standards was a cave in; PACT to some extent; clusters  certainly (and that after the members sent a clear message rejecting this but only to get the policy back renamed but largely unchanged). What next? The Funding Review was the key here – the government wanted things settled so that industrial action cannot follow the review (at least lawfully). If Paul Goulter and his team are that smart why can’t they see this and that any delay in the agreement now is only good in that it reduces the time for more bad policy before the next election. The two-year term, if National are elected again (god forbid) sees the next negotiations when they will be at their most emboldened fresh from being re-elected. And don’t get me started on the future of work stuff – it is clearly a Trojan horse for the NZSTA and the Education Council (with the cave-in NZEI) to build policy and procedures for ERO to use to ensure compliance with government policy. Sad very sad.

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2 Responses to Forum! by and for teachers and principals.

  1. Brent Godfery says:

    Paul I am the first to criticise NZEI if they are well in the wrong. I have done so many times directly. The meeting was not a PUM it was a ratification meeting. A PUM needs to be advised well in advance and notification sent to all BOT’s.
    If I have a gripe with NZEI it is with the members. If members aren’t attending local branch meetings then they can not complain. NZEI leadership is informed by membership through branch activities. Attendance at branch meetings is rather pathetic and thus controlled by the few who attend. If you want to influence NZEI stance start being vocal at branch level and national level.

    • Paul says:

      Brent, I’ve heard that one before. It’s the members fault. Well last year over 90% of members voted no to IES only for it to come back relabeled. That was the last straw for me.

      Yes we have just have ratification meetings but there were no PUM’s. Just poorly hidden directives to accept what was on offer. No organising. No rallying. No real union.

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