Attack! 44 The Rock Lady

Welcome to ATTACK! 

ATTACK! is a two-page occasional publication giving attention to the curriculum – the holistic curriculum.Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.02.46 PM

ATTACK! is for you, also to introduce to your colleagues. Each issue will be restricted to two pages. A cover graphic for a file or folder to store ATTACK! issues is available.

Most of ATTACK! will be concerned with the holistic curriculum which, if acted on, is a fundamental way to undermine the present undemocratic education system. Don’t be discouraged if opportunities to teach holistically are limited, do your best, be a guardian, and act as a witness to this culturally significant and inspiring way of teaching and learning.

To get in touch for comment, questions, and the ATTACK! issues to be sent to you personally:

Attack! 44 The Rock Lady

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One Response to Attack! 44 The Rock Lady

  1. Bruce Hammonds says:

    I enjoyed reading about the ‘rock lady’. A couple of weeks ago I happened to be in a classroom. It wasn’t that inspiring. Little that looked like children’s inquiry. I notice a rock with interesting holes in it. I suggested that maybe the teacher should ask the children to focus on it and to express their thoughts and questions and any ‘theories’ they might have about the holes. I am not sure if the teacher took any action but the stone had great possibilities. By the way the holes are made by rock boring molluscs.

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