Rangiora: ‘A Parent’ used a false email address

This has just about become standard when the ministry or members of the community are on the hunt. One can only speculate for what motivation and under what circumstances  ‘A Parent’ almost certainly chose to use a false address – whether on his  or her own initiative or with others; or through the minister’s office or the ministry media section. In the Cameron Slater period there was a symbiosis between the minister’s office (especially Anne Tolley’s), Cameron Slater, and editors (and given it was the time of the Marlene Campbell persecution especially the Southland Times).

To see a more dramatic link (probably involving Cameron Slater) from the Marlene Campbell case, all the way through to a naval spy station in Virginia, click here:


This following is the information about ‘A Parent’ from technical support. In these furtive times, it might be useful for a wider audience to know how it all works.

Whois: http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/ (IP:

The IP address is the internet address that he or she was using when he or she posted his or her comments.

An IP address is the actual address we are allocated when on the internet. Anything else, whether web page or email address, is merely a facade that is easier for non- IT people to understand. For example there will be an IP address of 12 numbers, broken up into 4 segments, for the networkonnet website. When we enter https://networkonnet.wordpress.com into the browser and press enter, the browser immediately searches for the IP address associated with this url.

If you want to see what happens, here’s the similar information for you.

http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/ (IP:

(by the way, it seems your email address, when you first entered a comment, was incomplete – this is not important though.)

If you click on this http://whatismyipaddress.com  and then paste your IP address in the search box you will see your approximate location.

Using the same process for ‘A Parent’ results in this:


So what can we conclude?

1. He or she was in the Christchurch area when he or she posted his or her comments.

2. He or she was using a computer, hooked up to his or her landline, and therefore we can assume he or she was in his or her house.

3.    The email address used to comment (rhsparent21@gmail.com) is extremely unlikely to be his or her usual email address. Therefore, it’s a reasonable assumption that he or she set this email address up for one reason only – to post comments on the web site without revealing his or her identity.

4.     We can speculate why he or she felt it was necessary to keep his or her identity hidden. However I’d suggest that a genuine correspondent would be less concerned about his or her identity and so this could be an example of dirty politics of lesser or greater magnitude.

Hope this explains everything.

From Allan Alach and the technical support team

In nearly every case I am involved in of this type, the false address ruse is used, and always by those on the side of the commissioner. (This does not necessarily mean the commissioner was involved.)

In this case, ‘A Parent’ began with a very precise point, but as the correspondence developed he or she became diffuse. Near the end, the syntax was breaking down, but then the writer collected him or herself. In doing so though, he or she revealed the basis for my interpretation (although an opposite one could validly be made) – that he or she was near frantic to prove that all the information used in his or her correspondence could be drawn from information publically available. The point for me though, was that I had never raised that matter and didn’t intend to. It seemed to me that the writer felt vulnerable and had it all thought through and in hurry to broadcast. 

My overall interpretation is that ‘A Parent’ had some kind of link to an inside job. 

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4 Responses to Rangiora: ‘A Parent’ used a false email address

  1. Phil T says:

    Its always good when you put a stick into the burrow and get a reaction. If your stick was meaningless there would be no need to react so you know you are on the money with your thinking. I wonder at the lack of critical thinking in our media today. Is it our own fault because we don’t really car anymore? Many years ago I saw the same thing in the UK and a grizzled old ex navy chap said then it was about controlling what we think about. His prophecy come true and people went to jail but by them it was to late. I blame TV for a lot as it is entertainment without engagement. The Southland Times has let the Marlene Campbell fiasco and court case go past with no even a whimper.
    Our local council loves it as they are never called to account and in the interests of entertainment have been letting our present Mayor say what he wants about prospective candidates.
    The sense of apathy is a worry and lets people get away with things they shouldn’t.

  2. I’ve had some intriguing comments from even more intriguing IP addresses over at Save Our Schools NZ, too, Kelvin. Notably some from parliamentary email addresses …

    Keep digging.

  3. John Carrodus says:

    I’d suggest you’re dealing with a pickled red herring here. Jaws could be lurking well back out of the strike zone in the burly trail. What will draw him/her out is blood in the water. Make sure your wounds are healed before dropping the irresistible bait. Hold on tight and get ready for one hell of a fight. Kelvin this maybe a record holder.
    Good luck

    • Kelvin says:

      Yes – a false email address formed a week before the legal proceedings – to besmirch the good name of a good person. Let everybody draw their own conclusions. It is no small thing to misrepresent yourself given the circumstances. And no small effort required to set up such a falsity.

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