Press Release from NZ First: Urgent Action Required At Rangiora High

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New Zealand First is calling for the Auditor General and the Ombudsman to immediately begin investigations into the Ministry of Education’s mismanagement of the appointment of Rangiora High School’s Commissioner.

“Having looked over the justification for why Minister Hekia Parata dissolved a democratically elected and competent Board, questions need to be asked,” says New Zealand First Education Spokesperson, Tracey Martin.

“Rangiora High School is unique in that through 132 years of excellent governance and management, it has accumulated strong income generating assets to back education delivery for their students.

“The Ministry bungled and overreacted to tensions between the school’s Board and senior management.  It now appears the school’s assets are at risk from a money grabbing Minister and Ministry.

“New Zealand First calls for the immediate removal of Commissioner Bev Moore, given perceived conflicts of interest, and the return of Peggy Burrows as Principal.

“This should be accompanied by a clear plan for the school to fully participate in the 2016 Board Elections so that Rangioria High School can return to a fully democratically functioning school.

“The Office of the Auditor-General must investigate the processes leading up to and following the Commissioner’s appointment, including all spending of school reserves and asset management over the past 12 months.

“We are also asking the Ombudsmen to investigate how this government department removed elected officials and a highly respected education professional on the basis of anonymous tipoffs, gossip and unsubstantiated claims.

“There is an element of fear growing in the Education Sector that has gained strength over the past seven years.  Situations such as Rangiora’s Peggy Burrows and Salford’s Marlene Campbell only adds to this fear.

“Fear that if you don’t toe the line and do as you are told by this Minister and this Ministry, then you’ll pay,” Tracey Martin said.


Contact:   Tracey Martin, 021 244 7720

Authorised by Tracey Martin, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

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10 Responses to Press Release from NZ First: Urgent Action Required At Rangiora High

  1. Phil T says:

    That is an excellent result. Bring things into the daylight and it will force those involved to act in a proper manner

  2. Kelvin says:

    Nailed it.

  3. Pam Absolum says:

    Brilliant Tracey and thanks for talking.

  4. ellis moonen says:

    the process has been inhumane and looks suspect

  5. Phil T says:

    Should stick Tracey’s email contact up so people can send emails of support. Politicians love numbers.

  6. Pam A says:

    Tracey has certainly researched and worked her way through the information unlike Labour and Greens who can’t be bothered, good on Tracey.

  7. Sue McIntosh says:

    Brilliant news, about time this roller coaster of wrongdoing was stopped, before anyone else gets hurt.

  8. Paul Finch says:

    Great work gentlemen !

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