The bully must go

What the ministry has announced today should mean Hekia Parata resigning as a minister of education.

She is unfit to be a minister of education.

If you ever had to face a school-yard bully, you’d have to suspect as I did, that Hekia Parata would use some manoeuvre to undermine Marlene Campbell’s win in the Employment Court.

But, nevertheless, I am still shocked about what has happened.

Hekia Parata, through Salford School, is appealing the costs determination to the Court of Appeal.

Please note the manoeuvre the ministry has used: the Employment Court found that Marlene was unjustifiably dismissed, but the ministry is not directly challenging that decision, it is using Salford School to challenge it – challenging the decision through Salford School. But not challenging the unjustifiable decision, that still stands, but finding an excuse to go to the hugely expensive Court of Appeal on the pretext of getting Marlene Campbell to pay some costs to Salford. Using the resources of the state to drive a wonderful Southland, South Island, and New Zealand girl into the ground. Hekia Parata has nothing to lose except taxpayers’ money, even something to gain by polishing Marlene Campbell off through ill-health, striking more fear into schools, and delaying the day when she is forced to release information by the ombudsman, and is taken personally to court for criminal behaviour.

The acting principal of Salford School said she wants the school to move on; the commissioner said she wants the school to move on – but here is Hekia Parata and the commissioner embroiling the children, teachers, and community, and using school resources in what is clearly a vendetta.

Marlene Campbell’s dismissal was always a put up job because she challenged the government so defiantly on national standards.

Let this be marked that on the 4 November, 2015, a senior cabinet minister with the full resources of the state behind her, has decided to continue to pursue a mad mission to destroy an utterly decent citizen of New Zealand.

Is this New Zealand?

Is this cabinet minister morally fit to be anywhere near, have anything to do with, schools and children?

She must go.

I believe Hekia Parata is flailing: school education is in decline and being corrupted.

The mooted changes to the Act won’t make any difference, schools are already tied in knots, the teacher organisations lost, and classrooms trivialised.

Clusters are already a nightmare.

Hekia Parata has sideshows going all over the place, but it won’t matter, school education is failing and that will out.

And this is the folly that should stop the bully in her leering tracks.

She must go.

It is, of course, a signal to Peggy Burrows, principal at Rangiora, not to take her to court for fear of being dealt with the same way (also a number of others).

The ministry has unsuccessfully tried to wreck Marlene Campbell’s professional career and now they have turned their hand to wrecking her financially and psychologically.

I want to say this clearly to you Hekia, without me even consulting Marlene Campbell, I can promise you she will not yield.

I suspect the latest litigation is going to force Marlene Campbell to have to sell her house. Here she was just beginning to putting her life back on track in education, and now here you are with access to piles of taxpayers’ money, seeking to blow that sky high.  But then then that was always the point, wasn’t it Hekia?

Nonetheless, I know Marlene will see it through to the end and to victory.

And that victory should include seeing the back of you and the end of the nightmare you have wrought on schools.

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6 Responses to The bully must go

  1. kellyned says:

    This has to go public.
    She has won in court and the public needs to know how this is being played out.
    Parata needs somehow to become the subject of a personal grievance against her for such behaviour.

  2. Kelvin, is there any way we can raise money to help Marlene? This is simply disgraceful, overly personal, and really a shameful way for any Minister to behave.

  3. Kelvin says:

    I’m going to be straight here: primary people are marvellous, love them, but contributing money is something unlikely to happen to a sufficient degree to matter. One looks to the teacher organisations for a contribution – to do so would be wonderfully well interpreted. Marlene is the third NZPF executive principal from the anti-national standards era to be persecuted. Take my word for it: all three were specially targeted.

  4. Sale Uati says:

    Kelvin I still believe we should set up a fund as It is as much for us all to be able to do something in the circumstances

  5. Kelvin says:

    I will support to the full. Good on you.

  6. Cagey says:

    Cynical? Yes. Accurate? So far. It ain’t about justice – evidently you can buy that in NZ if you have deep pockets or you are the govt. It’s not even about what’s right: it’s about politics. And the enforcement of power. Power. Control. Bellicose control. Total control. Total.

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