Primary School Diaries Part Five

Primary School Diaries Part Five

Magazine Years

Primary School Diaries Part 5 Magazine years.pages

Dear reader

Magazine Years has come together beautifully as a production and as a bearer of ideas important to what happens to schools and in classrooms.

Magazine Years is a source of considerable satisfaction to both Allan and me.

In many ways it is the culmination of all the booklets in the series, especially Curriculum Three and Four.

If a school is looking for change, especially gradualist, Magazine Years will be of considerable help.

All you have to do is accept the central idea of teaching to aims (with objectives becoming converted criteria); pay close attention to the touching children’s emotions in learning, and this booklet (also the other ones if decided) provides an array of small starting points.

A year ago I was invited to Tokoroa North School to give a brief talk about the holistic to Donna Blair and the junior teachers.

The following was how Donna and the teachers responded:


New Entrant Meeting Term 2 Week 4hungry lamb


Donna Blair

*We looked at and discussed the illustration of a Junior classroom from ‘The Hungry Lambs’.

*We shared our photos of children choosing, playing & working in our rooms.

*Ideas included: collecting photos in a clearfile to share with parents: children’s captions: using specific headings; using  photos to record experiences.

*Possible Headings: writing in different ways/reading/counting/numbers/solving problems/measuring/making patterns/learning about shapes/speaking and listening/movement skills/practising fine motor skills/differentiated learning/inquiry learning/working together/being a leader/music/learning through experiences/outdoor exploration/movement skills/dancing/drama/key competencies/

*We read & discussed a chart describing the importance of play  

*Key words which describe our programmes choice/play/managing self/ownership/discovery /limitless/fun/learning/building imagination/language skills/so/solving problems/learning from each other/relevance/investigate /observing/exploring/learning how to learn/being active/along what they do best/making connections/creating/supportive reflect/ challenge/holistic/ natural/context/meaningful/learning styles/learning pace/individual/natural inquiry/boundaries/control/express/solve problems

*Please use some of these key words to write your own sentence about developmental learning in your classroom.

e.g. In Room_ we learn by../Learning In Room_ is about…/We value…/Room is a …/ In our classroom we…/etc 

*Next meeting – Week 9 15th June Room 16 

Please bring your sentence and clearfile to share.

Thanks everyone for an energising meeting. 


The first two booklets were: Stories and Satires 1 and 2

The second two were: Curriculum 3 and 4

Each booklet: $20.00 Two or more of the same booklet: $17.50

This booklet Magazine Years (107 pages): $20.00

Two or more: $17.50


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