Group reviewing under IES and EDUCANZ being probed: NZEI get ready to leave

If in putting one and one together is true, the NZEI should get ready to leave the IES table. In a posting late last year I wrote, and in blood as far as I am concerned:

‘Be cautious of this togetherness emphasis; don’t accept it as an unmitigated good. Though a school might be part of a group, it should be an accepted principle that it is the school that is the key unit of education system not the group.’

I was stating that the school be absolutely and fundamentally the administrative unit, never ever the IES grouping of schools

I added:

‘Working together with other schools should not be seen as central to education but a useful resort in some matters and some circumstances.’

There should not be one ounce of negotiating give on this.

The administrative unit is the school with board of trustees.

Readers of this website will know that late last year the education review office used the Waihi area as a trial run for the review office and ministry to run a group as an administrative unit, Daryl Aim and the ethically strong group of principals around him took a stand and said clear off. If the ministry is, indeed, angling for this horrendous administrative move – NZEI … out. There were review officers and ministry people all over the place. What a pig’s breakfast.

Readers of this website will also know that I have said from the beginning that IES was about another layer of administrative control, an extension of hierarchy. Bali Haque, a conservative education commentator, but one who focuses on the curriculum, also said IES was about administrative control and would do nothing for students and the curriculum.

In the last posting I spelt out why, despite all your good efforts, primary school education has stalled because of piles of objectives are being rammed down teachers’ throats. Death by objectives is set to deepen if these education ignoramuses are given the powers to create even more havoc in classrooms. We have had a quarter of a century of this rubbish and look where it has got us – secondary schools being structured to be allowed to undertake an NCEA scam to cover up the failure of the system as a whole.

Well now for alarm bells.

A principal is meeting with the review office for a preliminary discussion prior to a visit. The remarks weren’t loose ones; this was a tentative probe by the review office.

‘This may be the last time ERO will review individual schools so make the most of it.’

The principal was all attention, she asked: ‘Was this change in how schools might be reviewed related to IES, EDUCANZ, and the Governance Review?’

The response was,’ It appears so.’

‘What was the likely timeframe 18 months? Two years?’

‘I believe sooner.’

The principal wondered and I agree that the link to EDUCANZ means it will also be a way to assess teachers as a basis for taking any remaining individuality out of teaching, to extend the fear, also to set some up for firing.

It is pretty clear that some review powers will be given to the super principal, members of boards of trustees, and people nominated by the ministry to undertake a kind of rolling review process, overseen by the review office.

This must not even get close to happening.

The NZEI should get ready to leave. Outa there!

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2 Responses to Group reviewing under IES and EDUCANZ being probed: NZEI get ready to leave

  1. barbjephson says:

    Now I now understand Kelvin thank you!but has left me very very angry and what of the families that this has impacted upon!

  2. John Carrodus says:

    An unsurprising development as there is legally one entity ultimately responsible for schools…the BOT. This development is a logical political response to addressing concerns about ERO and BOT legal concerns / responsibilities ( and perhaps some competency issues) under the Education Act. The only hope is for parent communities to take back state primary schools to their local roots. Unfortunately- unlikely, and my guess is that NZSTA will quietly endorce the move to retain some vestage of control over principals and schools through association.

    Kelvin, I cannot believe that so much time, money and energy is being wasted by political interference in NZ schools – leading to teachers’ attention and time being fritted away ( stolen ) from their students by the demands of outside offices, agencies, systems and hotch potch change management -mad educational ponzi schemes, unparalleled by anything anywhere else, it would seem on the entire planet. NZ primary education has become an industry besieged by a raft of co-dependants ( highly educated, knowing how to establish the square root of a banana! )
    – all happily informing the teacher how to suck eggs.

    What has happened to good old garden variety common sense? Does this crap happen elsewhere in NZ service provision? We know the answer, and it should double down on our misgivings, not slide past without at least the realisation that something not right is possibly changing us (as a nation) under the guise of something good and wholesome.

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