Key can’t sack Collins because Slater would spill the beans

We have an extraordinary situation: a prime minister can’t act against a minister because if he does, a blogger will spill the beans on him.

It is only my view, but I would stake my life on it.

Cameron Slater and Judith Collins are soul mates, they scheme, blaspheme, swear revenge on opponents, and joke – oh so cruelly. They also despise soft Nationals. John Key isn’t by nature a soft National but he is by electoral necessity. For the soft Nationals it is a case of their children devouring them.

For those who have read Nicky Hager’s book – apparently no National MP has yet – the toxic atmosphere throughout is dark and terrible. And at the heart of that darkness are Collins and Slater.

The issue at hand is Collins giving to Slater the name of a public servant she suspects of leaking information, and Slater then pouring a torrent of invective on the public servant.

Key after refusing to accept that Collins had done anything wrong has now changed tack to say Collins ‘was unwise to pass details of a public servant to Slater and she is now on her last chance.’

But this final warning to Collins comes on top or is it below (read on) another final warning in March when she misled Key about her Beijing dinner with Oravida boss Deyi Shi.

Now pay close attention as things get complicated.

Key said ‘he could only take Ms Collins’ word that she only leaked the public servant’s job title and also phone numbers and not his name …’

What a saint. That was Key’s and Collins’ out, only the job title and phone numbers were leaked. You’d have to be a latter-day Sherlock Holmes to take that one further.

In respect to the Oravida warning ‘that was still in place’, said Key searching for gravitas.

Which leaves open the question whether the final warnings are lined up in priority or one on top of the other. As things develop, that is to become important. In my mind I have a crazy swirl of the two final warnings fighting for precedence, or might it be a case of after you?

Key proceeds to make things as clear as a Waikato fog: ‘She’s on is her last chance after what happened last time. But at the end of the day she’s also subjected to a left-wing smear campaign. [Oh diddums] And people will actually see that as well for what it is.’ (Key is constantly using the expression ‘end of the day’ – make your own count.)

So here is Collins escaping with a final warning on the basis that ‘she only leaked the public servant’s job title and also phone numbers and not his name …’

Whew! That was a close one.

But Key has something else to explain (if you understand please e-mail me at ( ‘The public servant situation predated the Oravida dinner, and that is why a further final warning was given, not a resignation request.’

It seems that the warnings did indeed need to establish a hierarchy, with Oravida on top. Clearly Collins would never have forgotten about Oravida if she had been on warning about the public servant

Quite how this all works, though, seems destined to remain one of life’s mysteries.

But the story has yet another twist. Refresh your memory by reading a few lines above in which Key is quoted as saying that Collins escaped with a final warning on the basis ‘she only leaked the public servant’s job title and also phone numbers and not his name …’

Well, it now seems she gave his name and a lot else besides.

So there you are: our governance reduced to a farce.

Key can’t sack Collins because Slater has a fierce loyalty to her and would unburden himself if she was touched. The media will finally twig – but you read it here first. Our country’s prime minster  hostage to a blogger.


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16 Responses to Key can’t sack Collins because Slater would spill the beans

  1. Paul Johnson says:

    So Teflon is complaining of a leftist smear campaign when trying to defend his rightist smear campaigners? Damn perhaps do unto others as you would have them do unto you is in play? I like the diddums comment too Kelvin. Keep charging on!

  2. John Rawson says:

    It is indeed a farce. Key is at long last being exposed for the evil clown he is. Nothing is scarier than the clown unmasked. The emperors clothing of set phrases and rehearsed responses is falling like leaves in an autumnal gale. We need to laugh at this farce, at this evil clown of an emperor. It will sting more than howls of derision or jeers of antipathy.Laugh at this clown.

  3. Gordon Baird says:

    Oh! Is Key the PM? From his comments I thought he was the All Black’s coach.

  4. Duggie says:

    The question is, ‘who is orchestrating all of this’? Remember, his site was crashed shortly after the disgusting comments about the ‘west coast feral’. Many people have assumed that an attack of this sophistication could not have arisen from that community. Today on Campbell Live’s show, it was mentioned the crash victim was deeply immersed in an IT community, and was doing an IT course. Remember also, the anger in the whole community was incandescent against Cameron Slater after his comments were made. I suspect his friends in the IT community have enlisted some serious hacking heavies to extract some utu. ‘Anonymous’ immediately comes to mind, as this is exactly the kind of situation they relish. I notice Cameron Slater is whining even today about some serious hacking attacks still being made against his site.

  5. So exactly what have Collins and Slater got over key? What are the BEANS that could be spilled?

  6. Chris Horne says:

    John Key uses the word ‘unwise’ to describe Collin’s actions. No John, the word you were too scared to use was the word ‘wrong’. So another word is corrupted as Key cannot bring himself to say the truth. If he used ‘wrong’ then he would have to sack Collins.

  7. Alasdair Thompson says:

    Whatever, Slater and Collins collusion has backfired and is harming National.

  8. Agreed Kelvin. Collins and Slater have something on Key. Probably kept in the same drawer his claimed dirt on Labour is kept.

  9. Yes Kelvin, we did read it here first. As for the media taking up the slack, we won’t hold our collective breath. But the conclusion that Collins has potentially career destroying dirt on Key has been a popular one on social media ever since the Orivada fiasco. Essentially the conclusion is based on the same disbelief of Key’s claim to be in the dark on these matters. At no time has he ever conceded he should look into the matter, apart from seeking comment from Collins. This indicates he knows full well what the details are, and is simply maintaining the two-track strategy. The veil this time appears gossamer thin, as the silhouettes and movements of those behind it become obvious to all but the willfully blind.

  10. Kelvin says:

    I don’t think it is Collins who is the problem directly, whether Collins wants it or not, Slater will dump if Collins is touched.

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